Tray in Zebra Print

$ 360

The AVF Zebra Printed trays. This beautiful tray has been printed with a hi-res photo of a zebra skin, making it animal friendly, yet still conveying the beautiful imagery of a gorgeous zebra hide. Handcrafted with the highest grade acrylic, the pattern of the hide reflects throughout the luxurious bevels of the edges. Available in two sizes, the AVF Acrylic Zebra Printed Tray is a perfect accent to just about any table.

Small:  12.5" x 14.5" x 1.5": $360

Medium:  15" x 17"x 1.625": $440

NOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR TRAY FROM SCRATCHING: Our new protective liner inserts are sold in a set of 3 and made of thin clear acrylic sheets, that you can simply insert into the inside of your tray to protect it. If it gets scratched up, then simply replace it with a new liner.

Please note that using any products containing ammonia (such as Windex), acetone or lactic acid will permanently damage the acrylic. Periodically, you can polish your acrylic piece to remove fine scratches and bring back the acrylic to its original glossy shine. We recommend using Novus Acrylic polishes and cleaners. You can find this product online or at selected retail stores.

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