Stealth Console in Black

$ 13,000

Furniture and mirrors are made to order. You can send email inquiries to Megan Flynn via the link below.

Modeled after our popular Brilliant Console, the Stealth Console is just as the name implies. It's sleek and streamlined with a glossy finish. Shown here in Opaque Black, this console is smaller in size than the Brilliant. It's great for adding sophisticated architectural lines to a room. Dress it up with books, vases, or perhaps our own AVF Charm Bowls.

Standard Dimensions

Please note that using any products containing ammonia (such as Windex), acetone or lactic acid will permanently damage the acrylic. Periodically, you can polish your acrylic piece to remove fine scratches and bring back the acrylic to its original glossy shine. We recommend using Novus Acrylic polishes and cleaners. You can find this product online or at selected retail stores.

AVF Furniture and Accessories are not suitable to be left outdoors or long periods of direct sunlight and should be kept in a temperature controlled environment where high and low temperatures do not go below 60℉ or above 90℉

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